What in the world is a “Josh[UA] Winters?”

Glad you asked, boss! Originally from a small town in Michigan, I’m an Atlanta-based creative that specializes in NLE (non-linear editing), as well as videography. I have nearly 10 years of experience under my belt, and I’m only getting better and better every day I breathe!

If you want someone who’s done short films, commercials, motion graphics, 2D animation compositing, typography, title design, sound design, etc., you’re visiting the right website! I’m dedicated to my craft, meticulous with details, and efficient without sacrificing quality. Some people have even called me “The Wolf” for my tendency to get things done (yay for Pulp Fiction references!). I’m a modest, dependable, filmmaker with visionary flair, always approachable and never hesitant to learn. I’m eager to become more involved with the film industry, whether it’s on the production or post-production side of things, and I’m ready to tackle any challenge placed in front of me!


My Recent Work

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Editor / Motion Graphics

Zero Odor - Brand Overview